Social Media Management

From full platform management to standalone campaigns our packages will boost your social game.

Full Platform Management

From one platform to all of your platforms, we’ll take care of it so you don’t have to. That’s one more thing crossed off your to-do list.We’ll work closely with you to ensure your brand is represented in the very best way. We’ll manage the day to day running of your social media platform(s) with a clear strategy in place. Let us help your business shine on social media.

From £990/pcm

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The perfect option for a launch, event or opening. We can run a one-off campaign aligned with your current social media, marketing, and communications strategy.Want to make a big splash, shout your event/ product launch from the rooftops and get the customers in? This is the ideal package for you. This is a great short term solution if you want to make a big impact.

From £1500

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We’ll create a tailor made social media strategy, built just for your business, product, event or client. We’ll give you a bespoke strategic plan designed to fit your business needs. We’ll arm you with a variety of tools and content suggestions, as well as a user-friendly plan to go off and run your own campaign and day to day marketing on your social media channels. Or if that’s too time consuming for you, we can implement your new strategy using our Full Platform Management service.

From £1500

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Facebook Advertising

Paid advertising as a social media marketing tool is the most targeted way to reach your perfect customer. It can be a hugely effective use of your budget but to get it right takes a good deal of skill and knowledge of the ever changing Facebook algorithms. We can design, create and run ads for your business, product, service or event. For brand awareness or direct sales, stand alone ads or a tie-in with a strategy, campaign or Full Channel Management

From £750/PCM

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Small Business Training Packages

If you’ve never used social media before, or you’ve dabbled but feel like you’re swimming in treacle then we can help.

1-2-1 Bespoke Social Media Training


Our 1-2-1 sessions are great for giving you a quick, straight to the point introduction to getting the most out of your social media platforms. Great for small businesses or individuals looking to kickstart or freshen up their social feeds.


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Sixty Minute Social Media Supercharge session


If you’re time starved or need a quick session to get the lowdown on where and how to kickstart your social feeds then this is the one for you.


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