What’s the future for IGTV?

Ah yes, IGTV - the social media platform that came along 8 months ago with whistles, bells and proclamations of being the next BIG thing in the social landscape. Turned out, that nobody used it ............... until now, that is.

In the last couple of weeks IGTV has seen a sudden upturn in user numbers and according to Later 'views on IGTV videos have skyrocketed across the board, increasing by ~300-1000%, providing a strong indicator that IGTV isn’t dead yet'. So what has happened to turn this long-form video guzzling beast around?

Well, last week, Instagram announced that IGTV previews will now start appearing in our regular Instagram feeds, and they've added a feature that will allow us to share IGTV videos directly onto our Instagram profiles. Two hugely beneficial additions linking the original Insta mothership to its sideline, video platform hustle - and for that that we give it a great big thumbs up.

But it still has a hugely frustrating search facility (i.e. it's almost impossible to find stuff!), and there are very few money-making/sales driving opportunities for brands to use on there, so it does have a long way to go before it can be fully seen as a must-use marketing strand.

However, video content is still the Goddess of all social marketing and all of you brands with stories to tell really should consider creating a few vertical videos for your own Insta channel. Connecting IGTV to individual posts in feeds is a huge step towards growing the platform, and viewing figures are already proving that. Only time will tell if it has the capacity to revolutionise the social video landscape forever. One thing's for sure though, we'll be there when it does and so should you be!

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