Make Working Remotely Work For You

The way we work is changing and the days of sitting in an office from 9-5 is becoming a thing of the past. With technology at our fingertips the popularity of agile and remote working is booming!

But just how easy is it to work outside the traditional office setting? Can you really make remote working effective? These are the questions we are frequently asked. The answer is YES. It certainly doesn’t come without its own challenges, but with an open mind and a willingness to think differently it’s all totally possible.

So how do you make it happen? Here’s a few easy go-tos to get you started.

Google Drive

Google Drive is our office hub and where we work ‘from’. Google Drive is a cloud based file storage and synchronisation service from Google that allows users to store files on their servers, synchronise across devices and share files, meaning you can access your work from any smartphone, tablet or computer wherever you are. Collaboration is super easy too. By inviting other people to view, download and collaborate on files you can work together without actually being together - simple!


Where would we be without WhatsApp? At Looped this is our quick, informal way of staying in touch. It's our equivalent to calling across the office to ask a colleague a question, getting some feedback, sharing and celebrating a success or simply to announcing that you're hungry or need a cup of tea/glass of wine (depending on the time of day!) The desktop version integrates perfectly into our world.


Zoom is our go to place for video conferencing. It’s really easy to use and makes staying in touch with our colleagues and co-workers seamless. Zoom’s screen sharing and recording features are two of our favourite elements.


Slack streamlines our collaborative working process. We use different channels for different projects, clients and chat. There are tons of app integrations which is a great way to keep everything in one place. Slack is available on desktop or mobile so its perfect for being on the move.

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