5 Practices your Facebook Advertising Strategist Should be Doing

There are over 2.23 billion monthly active users on Facebook, your customers are on there and Facebook knows a huge amount about them, enabling it to deliver ads directly to the right people. BUT! This all depends on using the awesome tool that is Facebook ads manager effectively, so how do you figure out if your ad strategist is worth their salt and spending your money wisely?
Taking the Time to Understand your Business, Customers and your Goals:

Successful Facebook advertising is all about getting everything working at the optimum level. it’s no use driving lots of traffic to your website if the landing page is poor or the page load speed slower than a herd of snails travelling through peanut butter.

Spending YOUR Money Like It’s Their Own:

Because it proves their integrity and it’s simply the right thing to do. If something isn’t working after rigorous testing the ads need to be stopped and a different approach implemented.

Advising You to Install the Pixel on your Website:

Because if you don’t install it you’ll be leaving money on the table, it’s as simple as that. The pixel tracks visitors to your website and allows you to retarget them with appropriate ads. It also allows custom and lookalike audiences to be created, these can be of your website visitors, purchasers, people who’ve visited a particular page on your website and more!

The pixel allows conversions to be tracked accurately and attribute to a particular ad campaign. In fact, conversion campaigns will optimise for the action you want people to take and use the algorithm to search for them on Facebook, Instagram and further afield.

Testing, Testing, Testing:

It’s the key to successfully running a Facebook ads campaign, test, test and test again and then move on to refining and optimising.

Asking You to Set up Your Own Facebook Ad Manager Account:

The data from your Facebook advert account is extremely valuable to your business. if the agency running your ads are doing it from their account and you part ways they own the data and you’ll be left will nothing, even after spending your hard earned cash on the ads.

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